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MW04 Series Lifting Electromagnet for lift Multiple Sheets of Thin Steel

MW04 Series

MW04 Series Lifting Electromagnet for lift Multiple Sheets of Thin Steel

小直徑圓形電磁鐵適用于吊運單張薄鋼板、長鋼板。適用于薄板的壓力加工及制罐等二次加工產品的搬運整理。每次搬運一張鋼板, 對剪板機進行輸送輔助作業,以及焊接作業??上蜩T造機等各種機械進行坯材加料作業??捎米?/p>

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小直徑圓形電磁鐵適用于吊運單張薄鋼板、長鋼板。適用于薄板的壓力加工及制罐等二次加工產品的搬運整理。每次搬運一張鋼板, 對剪板機進行輸送輔助作業,以及焊接作業??上蜩T造機等各種機械進行坯材加料作業??捎米鳈C械上的電磁夾具,作為電磁手,用來抓起特別小的物件。選型時請注意鋼板的厚度、寬度、長度、重量。若鋼板尺寸規格太多上,請掌握其最大和最小組參數,以便選擇最佳型號規格的電磁鐵、臺數以及控制設備。

Small diameter circular electromagnet is suitable for lifting and transporting single sheet of thin plate, long plate. Suitable for transporting and arrangement of pressure process of thin plate and tin making. It can handle 1 pcs of plate at a time and do subsidiary transporting for the cutting machine and welding operation. It can feed the blank material to the casting machine and other machines. It can be used as magnetic tongs, magnetic hands on mechanical equipments, which can attract tiny articles. In order to make the optimum selection of magnet model and quantity and control panel, when model selection, please pay attention to the plate thickness, width, length and weight, if the plate specifications are too many, please learn the max and min data.

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