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MW84 Series Lifting Electromagnet for lift Medium-thickness Plate

MW84 Series

MW84 Series Lifting Electromagnet for lift Medium-thickness Plate


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The series of products are specially designed for lifting and transporting steel plates of medium thickness. The lifting operation is safe, accurate and quick. Considering that possible bending and deforming may happen to effect safe transportation, please use a combination of several electromagnets when handling long steel plates. As for medium thickness sized steel plates(6mm-32mm), the space length of working electromagnets will be more than 3-4m. The length of extension part of both ends will be the half of the space length. This series can be divided into type 350 and type 400 according to the different amounts of handled steel plates. Type 350 is suitable for medium thickness sized plate making factory, ship building factory and machinery manufacturing factory using magnetism regulating control method, which can lift one piece or certain pieces of steel plate. Type 400 is suitable for handling as many as possible pieces at a time. Also, high temperature type products for handling steel plates below 700℃ can be designed and manufactured upon requirements of the customers.

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