Geoff Miller

CEO | CannaFi Group

Geoff Miller spent twenty years in the UK financial services industry, as an analyst and as a fund manager, focused within the Financials sector. As an analyst he led the number one-rated UK small and mid-cap Financials team, and as a fund manager ran the largest listed Financials fund in London. He moved offshore in 2007, working in Moscow and Singapore before moving to Guernsey, from where he built GLI Finance into a leading investor in the alternative finance sector. Having delivered shareholders a 15-fold return, he left at the end of 2015, and founded Afaafa, his own investment and advisory business, acting as a Director, Adviser, Mentor and Investor across the alternative finance and broader fintech sector. In 2018 he began to focus on the challenge of financing the cannabis sector and founded CannaFi Group.

My Sessions

The Regulatory Context


How do I get debt funding for my business?


A keynote presentation by Geoff Miller from Cannafi focused on unlocking the maze of working capital, capital equipment and private debt funding. Followed by a panel involving Cannafi, and an Altfi platform.