Ryan Costello

CEO & Founder | OnU-Pro

I have been involved in the Health and Fitness sector for nearly 2 decades, constantly continuing professional development and researching the latest findings and evidence based literature to improve health, fitness and overall well-being. In that time I have worked with GB athletes and professional sports people to improve performance. Also a big part of my career has been working with the general public, children and elderly in assisting with controlled medical conditions through organic diet and exercise.

After 10 years of high level competition myself I became aware of the healing properties of Cannabis and CBD for injuries. Now my aim is to help educate and facilitate in the recovery and performance of people with the same issues or conditions I have faced, giving everyone the knowledge and experience I have gained to heal themselves naturally.

My Sessions

What’s next? The next generation new ideas for the cannabis space in Europe


A keynote presentation and panel looking at the new ideas in Europe for consumer products, hemp and picks and shovels players.